Give a funny shape to your snacks,

desserts and sweets with YUMMY POP ™. Just choose your favourite mould, introduce it in any foodstuff, remove it and press the balloon to obtain nice shapes. YUMMY POP ™ cuts through several layers of fruit, biscuit dough, complete sandwiches and more. It is easy to clean and so safe that even children will be able to use it. It includes a bag with wooden skewers. Remember that YUMMY POP ™ works through air pressure. Thus, it could not work properly with light foodstuff (such as some kinds of bread or smooth fruits)..


Unleash your creativity and prepare up to 9 ice lollies with YUMMY POP ICE ™. This ice mould allows you to make small-sized lollies that are ideal for children. It is also very easy to get the lollies out of the mould, thanks to its “Pop!” system. Just pour any cocktail, juice or purée into the mould and place in the freezer to set. In a few hours you will have a delicious and healthy dessert to enjoy.

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